Huawei Building High-Speed Underwater Cables In Asia

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Posted 2 years ago


Huawei Being Sued By T-Mobile For Theft Of Phone Testing EquipmentSoutheast Asia is about to receive a significant boost to their bandwidth capabilities thanks to efforts from a major company’s maritime division.

The marine division of Huawei put their signature to a design and deployment contract with a group representing the nations of Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand for a cable system that will connect the three and provide 100G Ethernet technology along with a design capability ranging up to 30Tbps.

The group’s members are Telcotech, Telekom Malaysia and Symphony Communication Public Company.

The submarine cable network will also be able to be accessed by terrestrial networking from Laos and Myanmar.

Huawei stated that they intend to use their optical amplifier that can carry up to six fiber pairs, which will be contained within a slim titanium housing that will allow the cable system to be laid out and embedded in a straightforward process.

The network will span 1,300 kilometers, with an origin point in Cherating, Malaysia and end in Rayong, Thailand.

The entire network is expected to be fully operational by the midway point of 2016.

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