Huge Mobile App Data Flaw Discovered

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Posted 2 years ago


handmobile2-transThe way that you store, send and retrieve data may put your information at risk due to a major security flaw.

A team of German security researchers found up to 56 million instances of unprotected data found within the apps they studied which include banking and gaming apps and social media apps.

Siegfried Rasthofer, a member of the team built from individuals from Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology and Darmstadt University of Technology, stated: “In almost every category we found an app which has this vulnerability in it.”

Their findings have led them to conclude that this flaw could affect billions.

The flaw lies in how these apps authenticate users as they store information in online databases.

The web services used to complete these tasks will go to default options that leave tokens vulnerable to hackers’ use.

The concerns are higher where mobile apps are rather than desktop apps.

Blame was also directed at the companies’ rush to get apps released to make profits.

Other researchers do feel that some of the fault should be spread around a bit.

Christopher A. Smith


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