Hybrid e-bike from Superpedestrian

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Posted 4 years ago


Hybrid e-bike from SuperpedestrianStart-up Superpedestrian, from Boston, has made it known that they have $2.1 million to aid in the construction of what will turn standard bicycles into hybrid e-bikes.

It’s  the Copenhagen Wheel, designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology SENSEable City Laboratory:  A rear wheel on a bicycle, equipped with sensors and built-in battery, that is essentially simply  motorized is to be its central point.

The sensors are hooked up to a smartphone app that gives an additional boost of energy to the rider of said motorized bicycle when the rider is getting tired. In what is fueling this here writer’s old USA TV-land deja vu is reading the fact that when the rider goes down hill energy is stored from what is captured from the brakes via the power of a, no-charge-needed, high-capacity lithium battery.

The plan continues that if the rider pedals in reverse, the motor will then act like a generator creating power for later rides. This unique motor powering this seeming re-invention of the wheel will fit with most standard bicycles and the motor will last for 15 hours. Beginning 2014 the wheel will be shipped to those who have placed orders. And those interested, thus far, can do so by ordering next month.

The founder of Tumblr is involved in the money scheme to get this project off  the ground. Spark Capital happens to be the name of the financier.

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