Ibis Street Art: Turns your Slumber into Art

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Posted 4 years ago

Ibis Sleep ArtThe Apple App Store has no shortage of apps related to sleep; however, while most of these focus on helping you have a peaceful night’s rest, there are none that can help you be productive as you knock out some quality Z’s. This is where Ibis Street Art comes in.

French budget hotel chain Ibis – an international company with hotels across the world – has developed a new app that will not help you drift off easier or wake up in a better mood, but will let you create works of art as you sleep.

Using the sensing tech inside of your iPhone, Ibis Sleep Art tracks your movements while you’re unconscious and creates a wonderful sci-fi looking floral image that can be shared with friends on social networks or used as a pretty wallpaper for your device

Using the app is straightforward; simply, set the alarm clock, lay your iPhone on your bed next to as your sleep and let the sensors do their work, picking up on vibrations, movements and sounds to create the art. To see how the art was created when they wake, users can chart the minute-by-minute progress of app to see the feature in its different stages. A masterpiece that shows natural greens will indicate a great night’s sleep, while ambers and reds show that you spent much of the night tossing and turning.

I’m guessing a restless sleeper will produce a rather more spectacular image than a deep sleeper that rarely moves, although, the chances of an active mover keeping the phone on the bed for a full night may be slim, so you may need insurance!

Ibis Sleep Art may be off very little use, but it’s free and it is better than most of those instructional MP3s.

To see what the app is all about, check out this little promo video from Ibis:

 – Anthony Carter

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