IBM Gives Third Parties Watson Supercomputer Access

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Posted 4 years ago


IBM Gives Third Parties Watson Supercomputer AccessIt is time to roll out the Watson supercomputer with its AI feature: yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence. Watson also displayed an affinity for winning the Jeopardy!, TV game show. So why are third parties being given access to it by IBM? I know that third parties have the aim of egging on the applications assets of the supercomputer. Beyond that I admit to not understanding that much more about the business practices involved with the third parties.

Watson, goes back to the IBM DeepQA project. Its innovative “cognitive computing” technology is said to soon be a boom to the biggest human interest category on the internet. The health care field, which Watson has focused its super mind on, currently.

To look upon the supercomputer, you may think its a high fidelity speaker from a  stereo system. That is what it looks like, a bit, from photographs which I believe are dated by now. I am not sure. Supposedly since 2011 the 2,900 core system armed with 15TB of RAM, has given way to a new array of features. The Watson has 16 – 32 cores to go with its 256GB of RAM in 2013. IBM chimes in stating that they have the capability to chain together all the Watson boxes together on a grand scale.

It did well on Jeopardy! because of the odd computer-like way answers and questions are bracketed.

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