ICANN: .SUCKS Domain Pricing Sucks

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ICANN: .SUCKS Domain Pricing SucksThere’s a new blow of sorts in a battle over the pricing of the “.sucks domain.”

ICANN, the non-profit Internet registry regulation organization has received a response to criticisms it levied against Vox Populi, the company responsible for the “.sucks” domain and all names attached. Those criticisms charged the company with grossly inflated domain charges after seeing their sunrise pricing offer on domain names range from $249 to a soaring $2,499. According to Vox Populi themselves in a recent report on the situation, those who are individual registrars will have to pay $1,999 and registrants are subject to pay these registrars whatever they want – a fee that can top out at $3,799. These facts led ICANN to call them ‘shakedown’ moves that leave those companies and other registrars at the mercy of having to pay exorbitant prices.

Vox Populi provided their retort in a legal demand letter to ICANN calling the allegations ‘baseless’ and insisting that their sunrise pricing rates are in accordance with the current market rates available for domain pricing. Within the letter itself lies a curious statement that says, “None of the letters in question identifies any manner in which any law might have been broken.” The letter then goes on to claim that Vox Populi has acted in good faith through detailed accounts and looks for ICANN to cease and desist in claiming it has done otherwise. However, the letter may not be enough. The United States House Judiciary Committee will be holding a hearing entitled “Stakeholder Perspectives on ICANN: The .Sucks Domain and Essential Steps to Guarantee Trust and Accountability in the Internet’s Operation” in response to ICANN’s criticisms.

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