If Apple Wants To Open Their New Store In Manhattan, They’ll Have To Get Past This Guy First

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Posted 2 years ago


Apple Pushes Through Automatic Security Update For The First TimeOne normally wouldn’t think of Apple and ‘undesirables’ in the same sentence, but through the eyes of one man in Manhattan, the two are inseparable.

The person in question is Herbert Feinberg, an 88-year old resident of the Upper East Side.

And he’s flat out opposed to Apple opening a new store at Madison Avenue and 74th Street.

So much so that he’s brought a lawsuit against them, hoping to halt the opening, which is slated for June 13th.

The retired Feinberg, who resides on 74th between Madison and Fifth Avenues, claims in the suit that the store will lower property values.

He goes on to say that it will attract all kinds of people that are “incompatible” with the neighborhood and its interests.

He’s also managed to channel that anger against Apple into a petition meant to stop the opening, which he claims has about 400 signatures.

The new store is located within the former home of the U.S. Mortgage & Trust Co., and has been in the works since last year.

The old banking building even has a vault remaining on the property. Apple has not offered any comment on the lawsuit.

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