In America, YouTube and NetFlix Rule The Roost

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Posted 4 years ago


In America YouTube and NetFlix Rule The RoostWhat boils down to a sharp focus, accounting for half of America’s fixed network data, is the ever-popular YouTube and Netflix.

This in a report by a leading provider of intelligent broadband network solutions – (Sandvine – TSX – SVC), called the “Global Internet Phenomena Report 2H2013”, published for the second half of this year. There are two global Sandvine reports a year published.

The detailed report goes on to tell “For the first time ever peer-to-peer file sharing has fallen below 10% of total traffic in North America, which is a stark difference from the 60% share it consumed 11 years ago”, says the CEO – Dave Caputo of Sandvine.

Caputo goes on to say: “Since 2009 on-demand entertainment has consumed more bandwidth than “experience later” applications like peer-to-peer file sharing and we had projected it would inevitably dip below 10% of total traffic by 2015. It’s happened much faster. This phenomena, combined with the related rise in video applications like Netflix and YouTube, underscores a big reason why Sandvine’s business has grown beyond traffic management to new service creation”.

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