Indonesia Overtakes China As #1 Cyber Attack Capital Source

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Posted 4 years ago

Indonesia Overtakes China As #1 Cyber Attack Capital SourceUpstaging China for the biggest cyber-attack country is Indonesia.

Akamai has also reported, in addition to marking Indonesia as cyber attack capital #1 amongst 175 countries, that in the second quarter Indonesia had been the origin of 38 percent of all tallied attacks. The numbers are on the rise, from 21 percent during the quarter preceding it.


A. Up 54 percent quarter over quarter compared to 318 attacks in Q2, were the number of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

B. 134 targeted the sectors of enterprise, with pharmaceutical and healthcare as well financial places of business targeted specifically.

C. Media as well as entertainment companies were dealt 53 attacks.

D. 91 attacks ripped into commerce firms.

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) who are believed to be sympathetic to Syrian rebels, made a number of media outlets their targets.

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