InMobi Launches Android Distribution Platform App Publish

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Posted 4 years ago

InMobi Launches Android Distribution Platform App PublishInMobi, the popular mobile advertisement and technology company, has launched a new tool to give Android developers the chance to distribute apps quickly to over 130 marketplaces. Dubbed App Publish, the platform will be free and allow for easy publishing of free, freemium, and paid for apps to app stores across the world at the same time.

App Publish will certainly be useful to developers looking to get their apps to a wide audience and will take away the problem of international laws, difficulty tracking and reporting download and install figures, and collecting revenue from different markets.

InMobi argues that app discovery on the Google Play Store is a big problem for developers and users alike, and alternative app stores can be much more fruitful, driving ‘billions of downloads.’ App Publish has been created to help developers reach these alternative stores.

“InMobi’s App Publish platform allows developers to avoid these and other pain points that come from deploying an Android app globally, using proven intelligent technology to reduce the cost and effort to submit to multiple app stores,” the company said in a press release.

“In just a few clicks, developers can launch their apps in more than 130 global app stores —and manage their presence in each app store using a single dashboard. Payments and payouts are easy to collect, from a single reliable partner.”

Developers using App Publish will be able to publish apps worldwide with just a few clicks and can fully manage each one from a single dashboard. InMobi also reported that early beta testers of the platform have seen success, showing 30 percent more downloads of app through the new app store channels.

If you are a developer interested in using App Publish, InMobi has all the information you need over at their website.

– Anthony Carter

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