Innocent 35-Year-Old Glass Wearer, Shaken By DHS, Speaks Up

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Posted 3 years ago


Innocent 35-Year-Old Glass Wearer, Shaken By DHS, Speaks UpWatching the movie called Jack Ryan, a 35-year-old wearing his Google Glass, was hauled out of a Columbus, Ohio theater as the manager of the venue called in the Motion Picture Association of America, who then notified the DHS. For hours on end, mall police joined with other agents to interrogate the Google Glass wearer, a Balkan programmer who wasn’t doing anything wrong.

What was this innocent Balkan-bred Glass wearer up to? An immigrant on his way towards working hard at attaining citizenship in America. A graduate of Ohio State university. A network engineer. With his green card on hand, and another piece of identification of himself.

Wanting anonymity and no fanfare, the young Glass wearer had this to say: “About an hour into the movie, a guy comes near my seat, shoves a badge that had some sort of a shield on it, yanks the Google Glass off my face and says ‘follow me outside immediately’. It was quite embarrassing and outside of the theater there were about 10-15 cops and mall cops.”

Allegations that the Balkan man wearing Glass that connected to prescription lenses, was illegally recording the film were completely unfounded.

When asked why he wore it in the movie, really shaken up by the whole ordeal, the man had this to say: “I wore it during the movie because I was an ignorant idiot. I seldom use the camera of any device for taking pictures (I have a Cannon 6D I use for pictures), so I didn’t even think about its existence. As a matter of fact, the camera of Glass is the least interesting feature Glass has. I got Glass in November, and it took me a while until I found somebody to make me a prescription lens for it, but after I got the prescription at the beginning of January, I started wearing Glass all the time as my regular glasses (with enhanced reality feature). As I don’t actively think about pirating movies, it didn’t cross my mind that Glass could be seen as a pirating device. Also, it wasn’t the first time I wore Glass in that theater, a week before the incident I was wearing Glass when I saw Saving Mr. Banks, and nobody said anything about it. Even before that I’ve seen another movie wearing Glass with no issues. Plus, AMC employees (among many other people) previously asked me ‘Wow, man! Is that Google Glass? How is it?’ and I would always give them a nice review about what it can do.”

It just shows that when people don’t understand something, very often their first reaction to the subject in question is often, sadly, abject fear. Yet, we are talking about lawmen, trained to be objective, or so we are hopeful to believe oft times they will be.

Rich Casale


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