Instagram Announces 90 Million Monthly Active Users

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Posted 5 years ago

Remember last month when Instagram made changes to its terms or service, causing an uproar amongst its user base? As a result of the wrong message being put out by Instagram in the language used in the TOS, a social media backlash occurred. Because of this, it was expected that many people would cut ties to the app, instead taking their photo-sharing over to alternatives such as Flickr or Twitter, who launched its own photo filter service after deciding not to allow Instagram photos to be seen directly in tweets. Anyway, for the first time since December’s mess, Instagram has decided to talk numbers, and they make for pretty positive reading.

According to the updated Instagram press-page, which was first spotted by AllThingsD, the FaceBook-owned service now boasts some 90 million monthly active users. The stats don’t end there though, with Instagram reporting 40 million photos per day, 8500 likes per second and 1,000 comments per second. A post on the Instagram engineering Tumblr page was also published, revealing that the service handles over 10,000 likes per second at its peak.

These figures were probably released to put to bed any fears that Instagram’s user-base had diminished drastically in the aftermath of the TOS update, and shows that regardless of how users reacted to that mix up, plenty of people are still sharing and interacting with photos on the service.

You may remember Mark Zuckerberg at the TechCrunch Disrupt event back in September revealing that Instagram has passed 100 million users, which indicates a drop of 10 million in these latest figures. However, as AllThingsD’s Mike Isaac points out, the 90 million figure is based on strictly active users, as opposed to registered users, and total registrations are likely to be much higher than 100 million today.

The latest figures have been released just two days before the newly revised TOS go into effect, and the update is likely to run much smoother that December’s attempt.

– Anthony Carter

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