Instagram Beats Twitter on Mobile

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Posted 5 years ago

It seems that photo sharing may well becoming more popular than tweeting in the US, as for the first time, Instagram has received more daily visitors the Twitter on mobile.

According to figures released by internet analytics company ComScore, the FaceBook-owned Instagram had 7,302,000 daily users in August, up from 886,000 in March of this year – a near 8.5-fold increase. Twitter daily active user figures were 6,868,000 – a 24% increase over six months.

It seems clear that Instagram has benefitted from being acquired by FaceBook in terms of exposure, and this news will please Mark Zuckerberg as he continues the social network’s assault on the mobile platform with dedicated apps and a new ad network. Intsagram’s user numbers growing so significantly in the six month period can also be attributed to the app being made available to Android users in April of this year.

It wasn’t just the daily active users that were healthier for Instagram, though; the time that the average user spends on site was also greater than the time people generally spent on Twitter – 257 minutes each month versus 170 minutes. But let’s not assume from these figures that Twitter are in any way struggling; as All Things D reports, the micro-blogging site still has a greater amount of overall mobile traffic, with 29 million unique visitors compared to Instagram’s 22 million. What the ComScore data does tell us, though, is that people are engaging more with Instagram and favoring photos over text at this particular moment in time. A blog post over at iMedia Connection offers a reason why this might be:

People react emotionally to pictures, but analytically to text. Instagram is all pictures and Twitter, Twitter Cards excepted, is all text. It’s much easier to consume something emotionally than analytically. A picture can be consumed instantly.”

Whether visual overtakes text permanently remains to be seen, but if it does, there is a good chance that FaceBook will have something to do with it.

– Anthony Carter

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