Instagram Now Translates @Mentions of Usernames When Sharing Photos on Twitter

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Posted 5 years ago

Instagram is great. Since its release on Android early this year, the photo-sharing app has taken over my life, and the lives of 100 million other active users. This is the app that turns amateur photographers in to professionals and dull photos into vibrant pieces of art. Since day one though, there has been one problem with the app and it has to do with Twitter mentions.

When taking a photo on Instagram you are given the option of sharing the picture on Twitter and other social networks. The problem is, when you mention someone on Instagram and their username is different from their Twitter name. When tweeting the image the username doesn’t sync up. For instance, say a person’s Instagram name is @Michael, but their Twitter name was a @MichaelD; your uploaded photo, intended for @MichaelD, would in fact go to @Michael who might not be too pleased at receiving several mentions a day from someone he doesn’t know. Thankfully, according to an official blog post, Instagram has fixed the problem:

It can be cumbersome sharing a photo to Twitter and @mentioning someone whose Twitter username is different from their Instagram username. Today, we’ve rolled out a change that will make sharing to Twitter more seamless.

For photos shared to Twitter, Instagram now translates @mentions for users whose Twitter username and Instagram username differ.

If the @mentioned user has connected Instagram to Twitter:

The user’s Instagram username will appear in the photo caption

The user’s Twitter username will appear in the tweet

If the @mentioned user has not connected Instagram to Twitter:

The user’s Instagram username will appear in the photo caption

The @ sign will be removed from the username when shared to Twitter

For @mentions that do not match any Instagram usernames, the @ sign will remain when shared to Twitter.”

Since many of us use Twitter to share our Instagram snaps, it’s great that this problem has been fixed and it is good to see Instagram improving their app for users, especially given the fact that Twitter is technically competition and the app is now owned by Facebook. Hopefully, we see similar forward progress in functionality in the future.

– Anthony Carter

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