Instagram Rolls Out 15 Second Video Feature

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Posted 4 years ago

Instagram Rolls Out 15 Second Video FeatureFive months after Twitter launched its Vine video app and just days after Microsoft Research introduced six-second video capture on its BLINK app, Facebook has shown its hand by adding video capability to Instagram.

Instagram’s 130 million users on iOS and Android will now have the ability to capture 15-second bite-sized videos and give them a touch of artistry with an array of fancy filters and effects.

At a press conference at Facebook headquarters yesterday, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom spoke about the new feature: “At our core, visual imagery is everything. It’s in our DNA and it’s what drives us. One of the most amazing things about us humans is our ability to create tools to remember. We are forever on a quest to take a moment and record it forever in time. However long or short life is we know we many never get that moment back.”

The move to video will have certainly have been influenced by the success of Vine, which now has 13 million users following its release earlier in the year. However, Systrom said that moving images was always part of the Instagram plan and that the only reason it wasn’t included from the get go was due to slow upload times and video editing difficulties. With the backing of Facebook, the move is now possible.

The new updated app comes with 13 custom filters designed for video mode, allowing users to visually enhance their clips, as well as a “Cinema” mode to eliminate hand shakiness from videos. Recordings can be anything from 3 to 15 seconds in length, which is “not too short to stifle creativity and not too long to upload,” according to Systrom and, as always, edited clips can be shared across social media.

Given Instagram’s popularity, the move by Facebook will be bad news for Vine, which is set to reveal updates of its own in the coming days. In remains to be seen though, how long this whole “micro-video” craze will last for before people become bored of seeing endless clips.

– Anthony Carter

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