Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Introduces Wearable Tech At CES

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Posted 4 years ago


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Introduces Wearable Tech At CESNot a just a chip off the old block anymore, Intel chipmaker CEO Brian Krzanich introduced wearable technology at the CES/Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada, on Monday.

Mobile technology literally running away with market sales, sees Intel getting in on the action. A smartwatch with “geo-fencing” that has the ability to keep track of the person wearing the smartgear from far.

How’s this Intel invention? Getting power from a phone’s headphone connector, is the creation of a pair of earbuds utilizing biometric capabilities.

Using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to connect, a completely new computing system that is part of the make-up of an SD card, prompted by the sophisticated operation of Intel’s new innovative devices, is being handled by the product line called Intel Edison.

– Rich Casale


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