iOS 6 Released Today: What You Need to Know

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Posted 5 years ago

Ahead of the launch of the iPhone 5 this coming Friday (September 21, 2012), today (Wednesday, 19 September) sees the release of the Apple’s latest operating system iOS 6. Before all you all rush to get the new software on your iDevice, here is the lowdown on some of the key features.

New Maps

Apple has decided to lessen their reliance on Google apps in iOS 6 and has instead created their own Maps app. While it is not as good as Google’s technology, Maps still provides you with a very rewarding experience. Users can receive real-time traffic updates, and interactive 3D views of major cities. A let down for some current Google Maps users though is that there is no equivalent to Street View; whether this is enough to put you off downloading the new iOS will depend on how much you use that particular feature.

Improved Siri

Siri was one of the outstanding features of iOS 5, but quickly became a novelty after its limitations were realized. iOS 6 bring big improvements to the voice recognition software and you can now ask Siri about sports, book table reservations and find out what is playing at the local movie theater.

New phone app

The redesigned phone app in iOS 6 now offers improved functionality, allowing you to decline incoming calls with a simple text message letting the caller know that you are busy or that you will call them back. A do not disturb feature lets you suppress any incoming calls and you can choose to never silence calls from your favored contacts.

iCloud Tabs

iOS 6 comes with Safari 6, a new solid and robust browser. Its outstanding feature is iCloud Tabs which keeps all of your opened tabs synced across all of you other iDevices, allowing you to continue a browsing session from where you left off on another device.

Photo Stream and Passbook

Photo Stream is kind of like Apple’s personal Instagram feature and allows you to instantly snap and share photos with selected friends. Passbook stores all of your virtual store cards, tickets, coupons and boarding passes for quick and easy access.

Downloading iOS 6

IOS 6 is being made available to download over-the-air for users of iOS 5. A move to delta updates in iOS 5 has made the whole process easier and does not require you to start from scratch.

If you decided to download iOS 6 via iTunes, you will need to upgrade to iTunes 10.7. This was made available last week so that those looking to update their OS can get themselves prepared. You should also back up all you data to iTunes, or wirelessly via iCloud. There will be some people that run into trouble during the update, if you are one of them you will want to make sure all of your data is safe. It may also be worth connecting the power to ensure you do not run out of juice mid-update.

And there you have it, the key stuff you need to know about iOS 6. Let’s hope it serves us all as well as iOS 5.

– Anthony Carter

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