iOS 7 Could Feature Offline Dictation

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Posted 4 years ago

iOS 7 Could Feature Offline DictationIf you are currently using iOS 6, then the chances are you will not be completely satisfied with the voice input dictation service. In order take your speech and convert it to text, iOS must first connect to the internet. The time it takes for the operating system to do this only serves to frustrate the user and many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users avoid using it as a result. Fortunately, this irritation could be a thing of the past, as iOS 7 could feature offline dictation.

According to eagle-eyed developer Hamza Sood, the person who first discovered the would-be dictation tool, and reported by 9to5Mac, the code can be found inside of both iOS 7 betas. The functionality is not currently active in public-face builds, but 9to5Mac did report that devices internal to Apple do have the function up and running.

Offline dictation will speed the whole speech-to-text process up dramatically and make it much easier to send texts and emails and browse the web using voice.

If you’re familiar with mobiles, this type of dictation technology may seem recognizable – that’s because Android has long used an identical tool in its own devices. The influence of Android can be seen all over iOS 7; first with the new lock screen, then with Safari’s Chrome-style webpage panels, information cards, and now this. It’s not like Android hasn’t “borrowed” ideas from Apple in the past, but Cupertino copying from Google reaffirms what many people believe – Android is not only the most popular operating system, but the best.

Regardless of whether or not they have copied off Google though, the addition of offline dictation is a great one and will be welcomed by all iOS users. Expect to see the feature debut on the iPhone 5S, which will most likely launch in the fall.

– Anthony Carter

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