iOS 7 includes Head Gesture Control

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Posted 4 years ago

iOS 7 includes Head Gesture ControlApple has released a second beta version of iOS 7, and the operating system has been found to have a very notable new feature: head gesture control.

First discovered by an anonymous tipster cited by 9to5Mac, the new gesture feature is buried in the accessibility settings and allows users to control some of the interface by turning their head in different directions.

The feature is seemingly developed for iPhone and iPad users that are unable to access the on-screen buttons due to limited body movement. It uses the front-facing camera to track the movements of a person’s head, performing specific tasks when the head is turned left or right. 9to5Mac noted that it is possible to make the left or right head movement as a home button, start Siri, open the App and Notification Centers and increase and decrease volume.

Activated by selecting the “Switch Control” option in the accessibility menu, the gesture-sensing technology could definitely prove useful in future Apple devices and we might well see it utilized in a greater range of apps over time. Currently though, it is important to remember that iOS 7 is very much in the beta stage of development and the gesture technology is too.

During testing, Venture Beat’s John Koetsier found the software to be a struggle to use, with the iPhone regularly losing sight of the face when positioned too close or too far away. If the feature is going to work as it is intended, Apple needs to really improve the front-facing camera on the next iPhone as 1.2-MP is incredibly limiting. However, the foray into gesture control is definitely exciting and it will be interesting to see how far mobile is able to take the technology in the coming years.

You can see 9to5Mac’s video of head gesture control in action here:

– Anthony Carter

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