iOS App “theScore” Updated with Personalized News Feeds

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Posted 4 years ago


iOS App ‘theScore’ Updated with Personalized News FeedstheScore, one of the most popular sports news apps on iOS, has just received a major new update that brings several improvements.

The outstanding addition to version 4.1 of the app is “Feed”, a feature that takes its place in the “My Score” section and allows users to create their own personalized updated stream of sports news with information on the latest happenings with games, leagues, teams, and players.

The player performance aspect in particular will come as a real bonus to fantasy sports fans, giving the benefit of real-time feedback on how individuals are performing in games.

Speaking in a press release, theScore’s SVP Product, Jonathan Savage said, “Like every feature we develop, Feed is designed to offer sports fans a completely mobile-first experience.

“Feed builds on My Score’s personalization features, putting you completely in control of your experience, placing your teams, players and leagues front and center, with content perfectly delivered for mobile consumption.”

theScore say that news updates will be delivered using the same mobile-first approach that has made the app so popular amongst sports fans, with “snackable bites” providing up-to-the-minute content on the biggest stories.

Elsewhere, the developers have also made improvements to the Top News section with new customization options. Simply swiping left or right will allow you to view news from specific leagues. There is also a new Featured Events section, which will keep fans in the loop with all the news from major sporting events such as the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

These new features are currently only available for iOS, but will arrive on Android in the New Year.

theScore for iOS is a free app and is available to download now from the App Store.

– Anthony Carter


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