IPad Air Not For Steve Wozniak

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Posted 4 years ago


IPad Air Not For Steve WozniakSteve Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder doesn’t want an iPad Air. He says it’s thinner, but that he wanted more storage.

He was hoping for an Apple 256GB iPad.

So why not the 128GB version of the iPad?

It’s great on storage. It still wouldn’t be enough because Wozniak’s Internet connection doesn’t let him stream.

He also deals with a connection where downloads take forever.

Wozniak once had a 1 MB connection  and says he was “king of the hill.”

How come Wozniak can’t turn his rural bad broadband connection into a satellite internet service, like the one from Dish?

It’s been suggested he try a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 but that seems very unlikely.

Rich Casale


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