iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

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Posted 4 years ago


iPhone 5 Battery ReplacementHow do you replace the battery in an iPhone 5? First off, one should know, that it is not user-replaceable. One can’t simply remove the back cover and replace the battery.

A battery replacement service by Apple has been in place for several years and it does not feature batteries that can be replaced by the user. For $80 dollars, including shipping, Apple provides the service. How long one must go without a phone for could be days or maybe weeks.

On a much less expensive note there is something else that one can do. And it only takes ten minutes to do: Get a $15 dollar battery replacement kit. It comes with a brand new battery plus what tools you will need to pry the phone open. Once inside, it then takes but a couple of minutes to replace the battery. If the job is done carefully, there is little risk at all of ending up with a damaged phone. One must remember that it is an inexpensive but risky maneuver requiring hands that don’t shake.

So if you have the iPhone 5, which falls under the heading of Apple’s non user-serviceable products, there is the battery replacement kit’s 10 steps to follow.

Once done with the replacement, you may find that the battery holds less power. It will also take less time to charge. This is because the iPhone 5 itself has been a product of re-charging, battery-wise for 100s of charge cycles.

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