iPhone 5 Becomes World’s Best-Selling Smartphone

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Posted 4 years ago

There has been much smartphone sales data from numerous different analysts released over the past few months, with each and every piece of research telling the same story: the Samsung Galaxy S III is the world’s most dominant smartphone.

In the third quarter of 2012, the Galaxy S III shipped 18 million units, with Apple’s iPhone 4S trailing in second place having moved 16.2 million. The still new to the market iPhone 5 was way down the pecking order at this stage with only 6 million shipments and, while it was obvious that sales were going to pick up with a full quarter to go at, a lackluster response from critics and smartphone enthusiasts led many to proclaim the iPhone was finished.

Fast forward to Q4 2012 and new research released today by Strategy Analytics, which shows that the iPhone is far from finished, and in fact the battle between Samsung and Apple has taken a dramatic turn in favor of the latter.

According to the analyst, the iPhone 5 became the biggest selling smartphone in the world during the last few months of 2012, selling a massive 27.4 million units and leaving the Samsung Galaxy S III in its wake. During Q4, Samsung’s flagship device sold just 15.4 million handsets and – if trailing Apple’s newest smartphone wasn’t bad enough – those sales figures also placed it behind the Apple iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S III’s rival for so long, the 4S managed to sell an impressive 17.4 million units during Q4 – combine this number with the 27.4 million iPhone 5 sales and Apple had a quarter to remember, making up one in five of all smartphone sales.

In terms of market share, sales figures give the iPhone 12.6% of the market, followed the iPhone 4S with 8% and the Samsung Galaxy S III with 7.1%.

Samsung need not be disheartened by the news though, as the Galaxy S3 continues to sell well despite having been around nine months, and with the Galaxy S4 expected within the next month the Korean company can reasonably expect to regain its place at the top of the sales chart. However, while the iPhone 5 has been seen as not much more than a stretched out 4S, Apple has proved that when it comes to capturing consumer imagination, no company does it better.

– Anthony Carter

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