iPhone 5 users: Beware the Old Windows “Blue Screen of Death”

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Posted 4 years ago

iPhone 5 users: Beware the Old Windows "Blue Screen of Death"According to Apple Insider, the iPhone 5s has a current 2% app crash rate with crashes half as likely to occur on iPhone 5 and 5c. Before its launch, developers claimed they were unable to check compatibility with the latest iPhone and its new 64-bit A7 processor ahead of its launch.

The data on iPhone 5s crashes is demonstrable by some users having reported seeing Windows-style “Blue Screen of Death” reboots on the latest handset by Apple. What seems to be triggering the dreaded “Blue Screen of Death” is the use of the multi-tasking feature of iOS 7, which is accomplished by double-tapping the home button.  Two minor updates have come up pretty fast, with the latest iOS 7.0.2 update arriving in late September. Fixing the lockscreen passcode bug is a glitch that the updates helped with. Another iOS update, 7.0.3., is on the horizon.

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