iPhone 5C – “Phone Home”: Apple Cuts Back Production

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Posted 4 years ago

 iPhone 5C - "Phone Home": Apple Cuts Back ProductionApple has phoned it in to cut back on the making in the fourth quarter of its iPhone 5C, likely sparked by a weak demand for the smartphone that debuted in just this past September.

11 markets were targeted for both the sale of the Apple 5S and the Apple 5C, altogether, including China. Pegatron who makes up the supply of 2/3 of the $100 dollar less expensive than the Apple 5S, Apple 5C reported a 20 percent slash in development. Foxconn/Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. who makes the rest of them possible, cut their order by a third.

It just gets worse for the 5C as the 5S needs more production of its phones while the 5Cs are having orders of its bits and pieces halved. 9 million iPhone5s were sold on the weekend that both iPhone5 models debuted, but no clear delineation of the breakdown was made available.

Rich Casale


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