iPhone Guestimate Of 55 Million Sold For Q4

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Posted 4 years ago


iPhone Guestimate Of 55 Million Sold For Q4Apple are traditionally selling their iPhones — 3, 4, 5 and soon the iPhone 6 with the faithful buying per usual.  55 million units were estimated as sold in the last quarter of 2013.

Yet, despite the holiday season, as many celebrated and/or simply shopped till they dropped, as the year of 2014 progresses the sales of iPhones are expected to decrease. After 3 months time in 2014 there is the guestimate of 45 million units that will be sold. After another quarter, sales are expected to slip down to 35 million. Katy Huberty, who is an analyst for Morgan Stanley, has made this Apple iPhone forecast outlined in this column.

Apple Inc. has quite brave and diverse plans on how to monetize their sales quotient for 2014 in ways that only the brainy makers of the iPhone would.

I personally would like to see a non-Android iOS phablet by Apple. That would get me quite excited and I would prepare to buy it, without a doubt about it.

Rich Casale


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