Is Google Getting A Smartwatch Too?

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Posted 4 years ago

Is Google Getting A Smartwatch Too?Wearable tech, and the smartwatch in particular, definitely seems like the big thing for 2013. Samsung recently confirmed its intention to enter the interactive watch market, while an Apple iWatch is a rumor that simply refuses to go away. Never one to be left in the shadows by its major rivals, Google could well be stepping into the watch world too.

According to The Financial Times, Google’s Android division is reportedly hard at work developing a smartwatch that will run the company’s mobile operating system. The news of a watch being developed by Android is telling, as one would expect that any sort of timepiece would be developed by Mountain View’s X-Lab – the unit behind Google Glasses and the experimental self-driving car. This could mean that Google intends to get a smartwatch to market in a speedier fashion.

The FT report says that Google filed a patent application for a “smart watch” back in 2011. This would indicate that Google is not jumping in to the market purely based on trend, but has actually been developing the product for the last two years. Apparently, the patent application featured a dual-screen display and an interactive user interface, giving some hint of what the watch may function like.

Other than Sony and Motorola with its fitness watch, the market has yet to see any fully fledged smartwatches. Apple is said to have a 100-strong team working on the iWatch, which is said to run a “full version” of iOS. With no word on when Apple’s release, we could well see a race between Cupertino and Google as the two look to grab the majority of the market. Any watch from Google could be sold alongside the company’s Nexus range of smartphones and tablets and will most likely be priced considerably lower that any similar product from Apple.

No timeline for the Android watch has been discussed, nor do we know if the rumors are true; however, a Google smartwatch will certainly be one of the more exciting tech releases of 2013. Keep your eyes peeled.

– Anthony Carter

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