iTunes Connect Goes Down

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Posted 2 years ago


iTunes Connect Goes DowniTunes Connect experienced an outage this morning, locking many developers out of their own accounts, and allowing some to log into other user accounts.

As this report points out, allowing developers into other developers accounts poses the potential problem of exposing projects under development that may contain trade secrets concerning upcoming app releases and/or app update features that have yet to be released.

Some developers voiced their concerns by tweeting — Paul Haddad tweeted “iTunes Connect just logged me in as a different user. Someone is seriously going to get fired.”

Cabel Sasser tweeted “If anybody landed in our iTunes Connect account, can you please try to set the icon for the Panic Complete bundle? I can’t get it to work.”

Apple’s System Status page stated “Users are experiencing a problem with the service listed above.”

Apple has not yet commented or released a statement about the outage.


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