Jawbone And Fitbit In Legal Tussle Over Trade Secrets Issue

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Posted 2 years ago


Court Rules: Bulk Collection Of Phone Records Is IllegalTwo major fitness accesory technology companies are now set to sweat it out within a courtroom.

Jawbone has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco’s Superior Court against their rival, Fitbit.

The full complaint alleges that Fitbit has taken to “systematically plundering Jawbone employees” and has pilfered confidential trade secrets and intellectual property.

The wording within the complaint is particularly incendiary, ripping both Fitbit and their former employees who they allege aided in the theft of their sensitive data.

They go on to claim that these former workers squirreled away the secret files on USB flash drives and through messages sent to their personal emails, all done before these workers gave notice that they would be working for Fitbit.

Jawbone is seeking both punitive damages against Fitbit and their five former employees as well as a halt to Fitbit’s further profiting off of their handiwork.

The lawsuit comes at a momentous time for Fitbit, which has opted(so far) to not issue any comment as it gets prepared to file for an initial public offering on the Wall Street stock exchange.

Early reports estimate that the $100 million filing will net a value of $1 billion dollars for them overall.

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