John Chen Says BlackBerry Must Go Beyond Devices

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Posted 3 years ago


John Chen Says BlackBerry Must Go Beyond DevicesWill BlackBerry survive this rough period in their history?

Current BlackBerry CEO John Chen has some ideas about what BlackBerry needs to do to survive and thrive.

In an interview, Chen had this to say:

“My view of BlackBerry is broad, I’ll let the software determine what kind of device we make. This could mean embedding Blackberry communications in other products, or making new ones, and forming partnerships.”

“Apple has to sell 58 million phones to get, I’d guess, a 10 to 12 percent margin. If you’re not first or second in phone sales, where do you get any margin?”

“You could sell 30 million phones and lose money. I have to be realistic here. The carriers worry whether the smartphone model will last. Why shouldn’t I? In a few years the market will tell me if consumers are still buying lots of phones off the shelf to use apps. I’ve got 80,000 BlackBerry enterprise servers, in a ‘Who’s Who’ of government, legal, Wall Street, hospitals, I need to work better with those channels.”


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