Judge Ordered To Take “Social Media” Classes

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Posted 2 years ago


Texas Judge Order To Take "Social Media" ClassesJudge Michelle Slaughter is being ordered to take “social media” classes after she posted information about trials that she had participated in on Facebook.

The Texas’ State Commission on Judicial Conduct say that her actions had discredited the judiciary.

The Judge is appealing the the order.

In a statement, she said “Like some other judges in Galveston County, I used social media to fulfill a campaign promise to provide transparency in the courts, to educate and provide information to the public regarding their courts, and to give the public insight regarding our justice system…None of my statements indicated any probable decision I would make, and none of my statements expressed a bias for or against any particular party. Everything I posted was publicly available information.”

The ruling by the State Commission stated “Judge Slaughter cast reasonable doubt upon her own impartiality and violated her own admonition to jurors by turning to social media to publicly discuss cases pending in her court, giving rise to a legitimate concern that she would not be fair or impartial.”


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