Keurig Using DRM To Lock Out The Competition

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Posted 3 years ago


Keurig Using DRM To Lock Out The CompetitionGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters is made by Keurig and they are making a brand spanking new coffee maker.

Keurig has made it so that the only coffee pods that can be provided by Keurig themselves can be used.

Keurig is using DRM technology to effect this.

From TreeHouse Foods:

“Green Mountain has announced a new anti-competitive plan to maintain its monopoly by redesigning its brewers to lock out competitor’s products. Such lock-out technology cannot be justified based on any purported consumer benefit, and Green Mountain itself has admitted that the lock-out technology is not essential for the new brewers’ function. Like its exclusionary agreements, this lock-out technology is intended to serve anti-competitive and unlawful ends.”

This tough talk doesn’t bode well for “the free market” as push comes to another push till the shove takes the competition (if its even admitted being competition), right over the cliff’s edge.

– Rich Casale


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