Kickstart The 360 Degree Camera Invention Hatched By Ex-Apple Engineers

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Posted 3 years ago


Kickstart The 360 Degree Camera Invention Hatched By Ex-Apple EngineersA 360 degree camera invention has been hatched by a bunch of ex-Apple (camera)engineers in a startup called CENTR. The big playback feature is that the person watching is privy to see a pan around the thing/person/place being filmed. And it is to fit in the palm of a one’s hand.

Kickstarter pre-ordering has begun with a price-tag for the not-too-heavy-at-all device at $299. That is for a limited number of  devices.

The actual price is $400.

For those in the know, and ready to click and go, GoPro mounts will be what you want to use to get a nice-n-steady shot.

Don’t get too excited, though, it’s not known at present if the camera is actually going to be produced. Though, my tip is to take these guys seriously and check out their promotional video. CENTR have worked with the military as well as at least one of the major national sports TV networks.

Here is how it looks right now on Kickstarter for the future of the revolutionary device that can capture 360: From a $900k goal, day 1 0f 30 has already seen $130k raised.

Go to Kickstarter, if you are so inclined, and help ’em out!

And get ready to capture everything! It’s called a Center Cam, by the way.

– Rich Casale


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