Kijiji Couldn’t Beat Craigslist In The United States, So They Conquered Canada

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Posted 2 years ago


Kijiji Couldn't Beat Craigslist In The United States, So They Conquered CanadaYou can be forgiven for not having any recollection of Kijiji.

The site, once touted as online retail giant eBay’s rebuttal to Craigslist, didn’t quite catch on when it first debuted in March of 2005.

But the site has gained a major resurgence – and foothold – in our neighbor to the north.

According to a recent article, the classified site has secured a steady spot in the top ten websites that Canadians frequent.

Part of Kijiji’s success in Canada is due in part to its founder, Janet Bannister, moving back to the country of her birth after working with eBay to create the site.

Once it became apparent that Kijiji wouldn’t be able to compete with Craigslist in the U.S., she and her team began to help tailor it towards the Canadian public’s inclinations towards getting good bargains.

That involved taking the focus away from the auction-heavy aspect that eBay is primarily associated with, as well as placing a solid emphasis on community exchanges.

Both qualities that are highly appreciated in a nation with sprawling geography and population to match.

Kijiji has become that much of a success to the point where it is advertised prominently throughout Canadian media.

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