Kill Switch A No-Go For US Wireless Providers

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Posted 4 years ago


Kill Switch A No-Go For US Wireless ProvidersAT&T, Sprint and Verizon have righteously all moved to kill the whole Samsung Electronics’ “kill switch” anti-theft campaign. It makes perfect sense as, like every weapon, in the wrong hands it can be exploited. The hackers would have a field day, as they would  then be able to disable someone’s phone via a very effective new tool. Preventing phone theft in this manner is not the answer.

Anti-theft strategies offered by Apple and Samsung, offering a universal “kill switch” — a definitive measure of shutting down or disabling a stolen device — were explored last week.

Rendering a stolen smartphone as “inoperable” to prevent them from being used or sold again is a good intention. Being able to implement a solid plan is the winning trick yet to be employed.

Rich Casale


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