Knock Lets You Unlock Your Mac by Knocking on your iPhone

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Posted 4 years ago


Knock Lets You Unlock Your Mac by Knocking on your iPhoneIf you are a fan of the Apple Ecosystem and an owner of both an iPhone and a Mac, you can now forget about having to access your computer by typing in a password with the keyboard, thanks to an innovative new app called Knock.

Knock works by pairing your Mac computer with your iPhone using the bluetooth low energy technology that the newer Apple devices come pre-installed with (according to CNET, it will only work on MacBook Airs and 2011 Mac Minis or newer; MacBook Pros and 2012 iMacs or newer; and Mac Pros from this year only). By downloading the $3.99 app for the iPhone (4S and above) and its free counterpart for Mac from the Knock website, you can simply knock on your phone twice to unlock your computer. The great thing is, you do not even have to unlock your phone to use the feature; the only requirements are that the device is on and bluetooth is enabled.

In a promo video released by Knock, the user shows how the feature works simply by giving two steady knocks to the phone through his trousers, meaning you don’t even have to fiddle about removing your phone from a pocket for this to work. This, of course, will be great news for all you skinny jeans wearers out there!

It doesn’t matter which side of the phone you knock on either, just so long as you knock twice.

Bluetooth low energy creates a secure connection between the two devices and Knock says that there is no need to worry about security as passwords are encrypted and not transferred to any computer but your own.

Knock is quite clearly a gimmicky app, probably overly so for some. However, there is no denying that it is incredibly cool and definitely something you’d want to show off to your buddies.

If you want to give Knock a try, it is available to download from the App Store now, with the Mac version available at


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