Leaked Facebook Video Paints Trad TV And YouTube Black

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Posted 4 years ago


Leaked Facebook Video Paints Trad TV And YouTube BlackThere is a Facebook video that has been leaked, its title of which the social network dubbed “Facebook For Business: Video On Facebook”. Its aim seems to be to brainwash marketers (of which it was intended for)  that Facebook is the place where everybody, virtually, is and that traditional television is a waste of dollars to advertise on.

YouTube gets the jaundiced eye as Facebook’s hazing techniques on show targets Google’s video platform as well,  for what Facebook claims as forcing viewers to watch advertisements. Facebook wants people to believe they are the undisputed number one king of digital media.

These albeit scant video excerpts are telling of Facebook’s manipulative behind-the-scenes proposed advertising modus operandi, verbatim:

You want to be in the most engaging digital real estate, which, as you just saw, is Facebook’s News Feed.

You want to reach all of the people who matter to you. Facebook has unparalleled targeted reach.

Which Facebook site button do we use? The like button or the sympathize button?

Rich Casale


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