Leaked Photo Surfaces of BlackBerry L-Series Touchscreen Smartphone

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Posted 5 years ago

Earlier this year we were given a the first glimpse of BlackBerry 10, the new operating system that Research In Motion hopes to propel them back into the smartphone big leagues. Well now a photo has surfaced online and has been published by N4BB, showing us what is reportedly a new handset from the BlackBerry 10 L-Series.

The phone in the image has been given the code name London and is potentially the first BlackBerry handset that will be released running BB10. As expected, the phone is indeed a touchscreen device but little is known in the way of specs. The guys at N4BB previously posted a video leak of the phone which revealed that it will come packing an 1800mAh battery; the BlackBerry fan site has also confirmed is that the new L-Series will be gun-metal in color.

The picture reveals a few of the apps that are on the device; Facebook is there, as well as DocsToGo, and a new mysterious app named StoryMaker, which N4BB rumor to be the BlackBerry equivalent to iMovie, but of course nothing has been confirmed.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is also on there, which still remains RIM’s biggest selling point with the BlackBerry phones. The new range of BlackBerry 10 phones are due for a Q1 2013 release, so there is a chance that the London will change over time. Taking it at face value though, it is clear that BlackBerry’s are going to be closer in resemblance to Android and iOS devices than they are to previous BB offerings.

It doesn’t look as though the London is a slick or as cutting edge as the latest range of Android phones; but again, there is time for that to change.

A study by research firm comScore published by Digital Trends earlier this year revealed that BlackBerry had slumped to 15.2% market share, trailing far behind market leaders Android and Apple. It was also revealed by numerous sources that RIM recorded a loss of $125 in the first quarter of this year, the company’s first since 2005. To add to that, 5,000 jobs were cut in June and results worsened for the second quarter.

It seems as though the future of the company is pinned on the success of the latest BB 10 OS, but recapturing market share is going to take something really special given the rapid progression of Android and iOS. Let’s hope that when the release finally does come, the L-Series is a game changer.

Anthony Carter

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