Learn How Kickstarter’s Updated Terms Of Use Might Affect You

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Posted 3 years ago


Learn How Kickstarter's Updated Terms Of Use Might Affect YouKickstarter has updated their terms of use (again) to try and make it fairer and more transparent for both backers and creators.

The most important change to users is that projects no longer have to be approved by Kickstarter staff.

Instead, projects just have to meet a set of basic requirements.

Other updates include stipulations on how money is being used by Kickstarter projects, as well as attempting to improve the success of creators and backers. To that end, Kickstarter now includes a section on what to do if a project goes south.

However, Kickstarter makes it absolutely clear that they do not enforce refunds of any kind. It’s an arrangement between the backer and the creator.

The new terms of use includes a clause that states creators can explain (and then use) a backer’s money in another capacity, or project, to do the same thing. It provides a loophole that could be exploited by creators to never actually deliver a product.

It’s unclear if Kickstarter will retain the quality of its creators and backers once the posting process is automated: it might be that they’ve had their day.

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