Learn To Play Any Song On YouTube With Riffstation

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Posted 3 years ago


Learn To Play Any Song On YouTube With RiffstationDo you play an instrument?

Me neither.

Well actually, I play jazz trombone; but I don’t play anything that can help me pull girls. And I certainly don’t play it well enough to impress anyone.

But now there’s a YouTube service to help me learn. I can drop that old trombone, pick up a guitar, get on YouTube, and learn how to play like a pro (for free!). And if I wanted to continue playing trombone, I probably could since the new YouTube service, Riffstation, has the instrumental script for all the instruments that make the songs for every song on YouTube.

The musical score for Radiohead, for Smetena, and for literally every modern, classical, or jazzy piece is now easier to learn with Riffstation.

Shane Deitch


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