LG Namedrops ChromeStation, ChromeDesk and ChromeOne

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Posted 4 years ago


LG Namedrops ChromeStation, ChromeDesk and ChromeOne A bunch of trademark names have arisen from the LG Electronics stable: ChromeStation, ChromeDesk and ChromeOne, all Chrome OS devices being filed October 15th: Tablets, Laptops, and Convertibles are what they are, collectively.

LG signed with Microsoft back at the very beginning of 2012 for a sweet deal that lets LG  use, for devices they have running Chrome OS and Android, operating system patents.

Google got to like something about the LG company – perhaps its longevity and reliability as a premium priced brand – to team up and create the Nexus 4 smartphone.

Google and LG also have plans for the Nexus 5, even, on the horizon. Logically, what will precede from that would be a full-fledged Chrome OS dual-company pairing.

Rich Casale


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