LG Seeking Ban on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet in Korea

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Posted 5 years ago

While it has most definitely been a good year for Samsung in terms of sales, the Korean electronics manufacturer has not had such a good time against its rivals when it comes to patents. As well as being embroiled in a much-publicized patent infringement battle with Apple for much of the year, trouble has also being brewing at home for Samsung, with rivals LG.

The conflict between Korea’s two biggest mobile manufacturers really heated up in September of this year when LG Display filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics in a civil court in South Korea. The lawsuit, pertaining to the use of advanced OLED displays in tablets and smartphones, was reported on by The Wall Street Journal and alleged that seven of LG’s patents had been infringed upon, these included: the design of OLED panels, driver circuitry, and device design.

Today, the dispute between the two companies took another turn as LG Display said that it has approached the Seoul court to ban all domestic sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet because it infringes on three of its display patents. The patents are related to the LCD display on the Note 10.1, a key feature of the tablet that, a Dow Jones report says, improves the visual quality of the display regardless of viewing angle.

“Through this action, LG Display seeks to completely stop the sale, manufacture and importation of the infringing Samsung product,” LG Displays said in its press release confirming Wednesday’s injunction.

LG Display also says that it would seek compensation of 1 billion won ($933,000) for each day of “continued non-compliance” by Samsung. I think that makes it pretty clear that LG isn’t playing games here!

No statement has come out from Samsung as yet, but the company’s refusal to bow to pressure from Apple, and their on-going previous wrangling’s with LG prove that it is hardly likely to roll over to its rivals. However, I sense that this is one dispute that is not going away any time soon.

– Anthony Carter

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