Linkedin Accused of Hacking Member Email Accounts

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Posted 4 years ago

Linkedin Accused of Hacking Member Email AccountsLast week, a complaint was filed in federal court, alleging that Linkedin collected email address book information by accessing members email accounts without their knowledge or consent.

The complaint states:

“When users sign up for LinkedIn they are required to provide an external email address as their username and to set up a new password for their LinkedIn account,” If a LinkedIn user leaves an external email account open, LinkedIn pretends to be that user and downloads the email addresses contained anywhere in that account to Linkedln’s servers. LinkedIn is able to download these addresses without requesting the password for the external email accounts or obtaining users’ consent.”

Linkedin has denied this accusation.

Blake Lawit of Linkedin has responded:

“We do not access your email account without your permission. Claims that we “hack” or “break into” members’ accounts are false.”

“We never deceive you by “pretending to be you” in order to access your email account.”

“We never send messages or invitations to join LinkedIn on your behalf to anyone unless you have given us permission to do so.”

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