LinkedIn Has Mobile App For Recruiters On The Go

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Posted 4 years ago

LinkedIn Has Mobile App For Recruiters On The GoFrom their mobile phone, hiring managers are closing deals that are paving the way for LinkedIn’s offer for recruiters on the go; of a mobile app that’s just what they need.

Enter the LinkedIn Recruiter, a mobilized version, not lacking in providing many of the same desktop tools that recruiters find requisite. LinkedIn’s recruiter site talks about the move away from desktop towards the more manageable on the go smartphones and tablets to aid even those who are scouring for jobs.

LinkedIn’s looking to extend its provision via service that is mobile-focused for the recruiters on the other end, additionally.

After a multi-month process by the mobile designers at the company, the app is ready to go. It’s free for those who have an existing Recruiter account. It can be found in the Apple’s App Store as well as there being a mobile Web counterpart.

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