Long Hours, No Showers, Please Don’t Bring Me Flowers – Asian iPhone Overtime Resulting In Worker Deaths

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Posted 4 years ago


Long Hours, No Showers, Please Don't Bring Me Flowers - Asian iPhone Overtime Resulting In Worker DeathsAs character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon who is the fictitiously-named Kwikkie Mart proprietor; whose last name Homer Simpson, cartoon star of the super hit US TV animated series “The Simpsons” didn’t do too well with pronunciation, was heard to say when queried a bit too closely by Homer about this happy-go-lucky Indian man’s self-imposed never ending shift behind the counter in his store:

“Long hours, no showers, please don’t bring me flowers.”

Well, this humorous introduction will now cease for a serious story unfolding in Asia.

The Shanghai iPhone factory in China has been the site of several workers tragically dying. The deaths have been attributed to the long hours employees are putting in to meet specified production quotas. It is said that this facility in question has workers that generally put in 72 hours on a weekly basis.

Citing quotas doesn’t mean much as Apple had stipulated overtime be limited. 60 hours is what the cap is, weekly, for working hours.

Not reporting the truth on the worksheets and the fact that the ailments that are causing disease have not been fully explored is making for just the tip of this tumultuous iceberg of this new story.72 hour

What about the fact an underage person involved in this iPhone factory, Shi Zhaokun, died of pneumonia?

Human rights and employee health for Apple Inc.’s worker battalion worldwide is at the crux of this whole matter. Americans may laugh in the comfort of their homes at, at what is in comparison trite situation comedy shows, unaware much of the time of how bad things can be for some of our brothers and sisters toiling away at jobs in some foreign countries when unscrupulous dealings prevail.

Apple Inc. is a respectable company and working conditions are expected be safe and secure across the board.

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