Looking For A Second Screen For Your Mac Or PC? Check Out Duet Display

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Posted 2 years ago


ipad-mini-retina-transparentFor those enterprising multitaskers out there who may have always wanted to, or who miss the ability to maximize their computer screen space with two monitors, a new product has emerged that may fit the bill and put your idle tablet to use.

The Duet Display app, created by former Apple engineer Rahul Dewan, is designed to give users maximum productivity and full usage of devices they may not utilize on a regular basis.

As Dewan says, “If you have an iPad, you already have that second screen. With Duet, you can finally use it. Otherwise, your $700 device is just sitting there.”

The app is designed to be used with wired connections, different from others that focus on making the connections between the device and the computer in Wi-Fi mode.

That method can lead to drops in connectivity depending on the broadband strength.

Duet Display was originally released to work only with Macs and iPads, and last week debuted a version of the app for PC’s which should be a boon to those users. The app also emphasizes the touch technology that is a signature of Apple products, as well as the Retina technology of the iPad.

Best of all, it boasts a simple set-up process and power saving capabilities for older computers.

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