Looking For People Nearby To Play Sports With? Check Out This App

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Posted 3 years ago


SportsSporty is a new app to help people organize sporting meetups. Say you want to play a game of soccer, but no one you know plays. Sporty will help you by connecting you to games that are looking for players close to where you are. Alternatively, you can use sporty as an organizer, announcing when a game’s going to start, and how many players you need.

Finally, Sporty has the functionality to create private games, so you can organize games among your friends.

For an app like sporty to work, it needs to reach critical mass. It needs to be the app in the space that everyone turns to when they want a game of  volleyball.

There are no stand-out options right now, but before everyone assumes Sporty’s going to fill that void, there’s a few things to remember:

First, it’s on iPhone only, eliminating over a quarter of the market in one swing.

Second, it requires a Facebook login. With increasing concerns over privacy, and what a lot of people see as the steady decline of Facebook, this is only going to make reaching that critical mass harder.

Sporty’s a great app, but the idea’s been around for years and no one’s managed to make it stick. Only time will tell if Sporty is the dark horse in the race for a quality sporting app.

Download the app here.

– Spencer Grover


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