Lookout Debuts Signal Flare Feature in Updated App

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Posted 5 years ago

Security firm Lookout Mobile prides itself on being able to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to protecting your smartphones, and have earned themselves a healthy following on Android with their mobile security app on the platform – today that app has a major update to show off.

The popular Lookout Mobile app – which protects some 25 million devices in 170 different countries – has been completely redesigned and comes packing a new feature which will help to find your phone even after the battery has died.

Lookout says that on average, 30% of people that lose a smartphone, or have had it stolen, do not recover the device. Users of Lookout have much more success in retrieving their phones, with 85% recovering their handset in less than one hour; this is compared to a figure of just 25% of non-Lookout users.

As an article in TechCrunch says, “The chances of losing a phone are greater at night, more specifically, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. Plus, nearly 30% of people who reported a lost phone via lookout but could not recover their phone said it was due to their battery dying,” hence the reason for the outstanding feature of the new app, Signal Flare.

What Signal Flare does is records the last location of a phone with a low battery, essentially a final S.O.S signal from the phone to the tower before it dies. If you lose your phone after the battery has died, Signal Flare will improve your chances of finding it by giving you access to the last location of the handset.

This feature is not only handy for those people that lose, or have their phone stolen, but for people like me who tend have a tendency to lose phones around the home!

In addition the Signal Flare, the new Lookout Mobile has a new and improved UI, an activity feed, and a feature called safer dialer protection, which protects against the rising threat of dialer-based security attacks.

With malware and security issues on the rise – especially on Android – the Lookout Mobile app is something that all smartphone owners should consider downloading.

– Anthony Carter

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