MacBook Pro Class Action Lawsuit Now Includes Canada

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Posted 3 years ago


MacBook Pro Class Action Lawsuit Now Includes CanadaIt seems both halves of North America are united in laying the groundwork to sue Apple, as Canada is now filing a class-action lawsuit (against Apple Canada), as the United States has petitioned and filed doing the same with Apple in the states already, over problems concerning the MacBook Pro’s GPU.

Montreal’s legal team, Lex Group Attorneys are handling the case, against Apple Canada.

It has been asserted that matters relating to written and pictorial representation issues, inherent in the design flaws of certain 2011 MacBook Pros, make the notebook completely unusable.

The case against the MacBook Pro breaks things down, as graphical artifacts, pixelation, ghosting, and severe screen distortion, are all put under critical examination.

No one can be expected to use a notebook with so many issues plaguing it.

– Rich Casale


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