Mad Google+ Subscribers Going With Google+’s Eric Schmidt as Profile Pic

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Posted 4 years ago

Mad Google+ Subscribers Going With Google+'s Eric Schmidt as Profile PicThe “shared endorsements” initiative , as Google+ put it begun November 11, stirred the pot of controversy as it was decided that the faces of its subscribers along with their comments would, unannounced to the people in the ads, serve as advertising endorsements; promotional purposes serving the search engine behemoth.

With the backlash mounting, as if to herald the just-up-around-the-bend Halloween festivities, Google+ subscribers are donning Google’s Eric Schmidt as their default profile picture rather than their own countenances. This will result in Schmidt being the poster boy for the promotional push.

With Google+ telling their users that they can take the option of getting out of their entanglement completely, practically telling them to hightail it out; this may very well turn out to be the 2013 Halloween opt-out party with plenty of Eric Schmidts in attendance.

Rich Casale


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